Bubbly App

Bubbly, a leader in mobile voice social networks and messaging for both feature and smart phone, and a Sequoia backed startup with 40 million users. Bubbly is a social messaging service where people share SMS and voice updates with friends, family, fans and followers.

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Voiced is a fun way to get feedback on your personality and voice. Simply say something anonymously and let the crowd reveal what they think about you.

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Snyppit Android App

Snyppit is an video application (very much like instagram video or vine), this version is the first android iteration, designed in March 2013. Currently, the application has pivoted to allow personalization and decoration of short videos with stickers, frames, borders and chat bub. The one of the top left is the feed page (home page), and the drawer […]

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PhotoInk Android App

Photoink is a personal side project, and is an android app that elegantly allows you to put text on images. Designed in the Fall of 2013. Top left: index page, Top right: Camera view. Scrollable text decoration panel.

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Snippr App

Snipper is a utility app that allows you to copy and paste text to cross platform devices.

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Spawt App

Spawt Logo and App designed for iPhone 4, done in 2012.

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Android Audio Editor

Attempt to revamp an utility app. Developed 2 splash variations.

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Bubbly Mockup

First proposed Bubbly Mockup that was unfortunately never implemented.

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Bubbly iOS6

First revamp by me for the Bubbly app. This was done in April 2013, on the iOS6 platform.

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Mobdis Webpage

The excerpt is shown here as a short description. If you click on view details it will show the actual post content. You can show different images in the actual project. Designed in 2012.

Tracquire Logo

This logo is an illustration piece done for Tracquire. Tools used were pen, paper & illustrator.

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Tracquire Web App

UI and UX for Tracquire’s beta website. Tracquire.com is a website to facilitate people who want items from overseas to find people people who are going overseas.

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Fashfix Poster Design

Fashfix poster design for Fashfix clothes’ swopping event in August of 2012.